Homegrown Hotrods

John Wilcox - 1932 Ford Pick

After meeting John for the first we were asked to build the truck that he dreamed of as a child. We started off searching for an original 1932 Ford truck that was stripped and sand blasted back to bare metal. The body had the usual signs of an 80 year old commercial vehicle.

The chassis was straighten and strengthen to take the SBC Stromberg equipped motor, using 40's Ford drilled backing plates and drums for braking. All the underneath of the car was highly detailed, Chromed and polished.

We chopped the roof 3 inches and channeled the body 5 inches to create the super low look. The grill shell was sectioned 5 inches and insert had the same taken out of each bar. The hand fabricated bonnet and sides followed through the lines of the car adding lourves and air in-take for the 3 Strombergs.

We then channeled the pick-up bed and shortened it by a further 23 inches and made a lourved belly pan at the rear to show off the Model A spring and V8 quick change.

I then detail polished the SoCal wheels which are held on via a five pin true knock on spinner. The wheels are fitted with Firestone black wall tyres.

The interior was completely fabricated in aluminum then covered in distressed brown leather, steered by a 40's Ford steering wheel, held to a sectioned 40's Ford dash.

This truck is a true show truck that is driven on a regular basis by john attending shows in england and europe .